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Be bold.

The world is waiting

We’re the bold agency.
An agency that takes good businesses and shifts them to the extraordinary.
We build transparent, ethical and diverse business cultures that demand corporate respect, strong shareholder value and passionate consumer support.

Trust is the new business currency. We position you as the leader in your field by revealing your authentic brand.


While you need to absorb the growing range of digital and social media platforms as part of your communications, the more important strategy is in building meaningful relationships with your customers.

We help you build relationships, manage them and turn them into profitable results.

We communicate your story

Now more than ever good brand communication matters.

In an age where consumers prefer to research and make their own decisions on who to engage and where to buy from, organisations can no longer push ‘salesy’ messages and expect their target markets to respond.

Savvy audiences are increasingly skeptical of big brands and corporations and find comfort and likeability in honest, ethical, down to earth brands they can respect.

For that reason, at bold, we take the time to peel back the layers of your organisation, to get to its heart and find your genuine brand. We then reveal your truth using the most appropriate and up to date approach.

It’s that simple.  There is no spin. No corporate cheese. We just tell your brand story, authentically, transparently – making emotive and personal connections every step of the way.

We create bold leaders

In this new world of business communication, strong leadership is essential. Leadership that has vision, fresh ideas and boldness.

Moving towards a successful future requires commitment from the highest levels and a clear direction delivered to your entire team.

We help you understand the new communication mindset and the changing social expectations around it. We bring you new strategies for success and help you quantify the benefits.

We engage your communities

The best way to serve your customers and stakeholders is to talk with them.

By listening to their needs and expectations you’ll find out a lot about your product and how it’s performing. Your customers will also understand a lot about you.

It’s this personalized, engaging two-way dialogue that builds strong relationships. It builds trust and respect and leads your customers to keep coming back and sharing their positive stories about you.

At Bold, we facilitate these relationships for you.  We listen to what people are saying, make informed sense of it and translate it into successful plans.

That way, you can get on with doing what you do best – delivering quality products and services to your new dedicated customer base.

We build brand values

Behaving ethically is good for business.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly being exposed to the glare of public scrutiny. The new digital world has empowered consumers, employees, shareholders and activists to take immediate direct action when they find company standards and practices unacceptable.

A brand that is in tune with wider societal values and the public’s new expectations will reap tangible rewards. With improved brand values you are one step closer to making a long-lasting profitable connection.

What we do